Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Favorite Movie Villain

My favorite villain was the Joker in the movie The Dark Knight. In this movie, Batman comes face to face with a highly intelligent psychopath named the Joker whose main goal is to watch Batman and Gotham City be destroyed.   The Joker is presented as this smart yet twisted and sadistic maniac who strives to be the center of attention.  The characters in the movie view him the same as the audience does. Batman, like the rest of the police department, sees him as a nuisance, simply a guy who craves attention but they also know that they can’t just dismiss and overlook him because the Joker is highly intelligent and he has no moral standards. The Jokers horrible childhood and greed is what motivates him to do what he does best: to pester and bother society. He was villainous because he did what every villain does: kills people, disrupts peaceful living and strikes fear in anyone he passes but what made him my favorite was his way of doing things. His plans were so sly and genius that it was hard to deny his intellectuality. He was very funny too. His quirky yet morbid sense of humor made you automatically shift your focus to him. Despite his twisted actions, the Joker commanded attention with his originality and uniqueness. 

Word Count: 219