Sunday, February 17, 2013

Community Inquiry Project Proposal

My Proposal:

Area that I live: Englewoood, Chicago

 • White 0.34%
 • Black 97.37%
 • Hispanic 1.06%
 • Asian 0.11%
 • Other 1.12%

I will be interviewing:
  • Ida, former resident.
  • Aaliyah, current resident
  • Willa, current resident (grandma)
I do not think the American Dream is present in my neighborhood. The American Dream is to live a better life than your parents did but here, everyone lives the same lives their parents did, if not worse. With the growing rate of violence in my community, the living conditions of people are becoming worse. I think that Im going to find exactly what I stated above, the American Dream is an unrealistic thing in this community. Not a lot of people here works "hard" and the ones that do, it never seems to pay off.

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