Monday, April 1, 2013

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

Jr at Whitney Young
If Junior went to Whitney Young, he would have a much better experience compared to the ones he had while on the res and while attending Rearden. At Whitney Young, there is a friend for everyone because it is a very diverse school, with people coming from so many different cultural backgrounds. That diversity would make it easier for Junior to find someone just like him, or someone who has had similar experiences. Young has a very open and expressive student body therefore hiding parts of himself would be unnecessary. Junior can remain the way he is and still be able to be accepted socially.

Hiding the Reservation
Whitney Young is a very open school, with kids coming in from every side of the city, and even other countries. Walking in the halls, you can see the different cultural or economic backgrounds of different students just by the way people dress, how they talk or even by the people they hang out with. This diversity is what allows people to be themselves and not hide their "reservation", because they know that there is someone who can relate to their experiences. Culturally, Whitney Young is not only diverse but this school has created an environment that is accepting of others differences. This is the main reason why people can stand out yet still fit in and not have to hide their reservations.

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