Thursday, September 20, 2012

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I am apart of many communities but the one i feel most comfortable in is family game day. Our game day is just a day where the entire family gets together and we participate in many activities such as playing sports or table games such as LCR. Our day usually starts off by meeting up at a set house, usually my grandmothers or my Aunts. Everyone brings in a type of food and we set the big table. The kids usually go outside and play while the adults stay in and play card games. After that we all say prayers and eat.

The expectations of this community is to bring in a dish (for adults), get along with everyone, participate in all activities. Just like everyone else, I am required to look out for younger kids, participate in all activities and just have fun. This day is all about learning what activities everyone likes/dislikes and mainly, spending time with each other. 

This community feels comfortable to me because I am surrounded by family and so i don't feel awkward or out of place. I am around people who love me and care for me and i am playing games that I love to play. Also, I am always in a familiar place so that makes me feel right at home.

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