Thursday, September 20, 2012

Response to Crevecoeur

Crevecoeur's ideas of what an American is were positive and it was  persuasive enough to make anyone who doesn't live here to come to America to experience all of the great opportunities.  In "Letters from an American Farmer" Crevecoeur highly supported the idea that people who weren't treated fairly in their homeland and didn't have any rights, benefits, etc., could come here to America to start over and become a new person. One they'd arrived, these individuals would shed their old life's and identities and become an American which meant being rewarded for your hard labor and having freedom as a person.
Crevecoeur saw America as a superior country and a truly great place to live. You were always accepted as yourself and for what you do rather than in other countries where you were judged based on your class level. Crevecoeur noted the difference in how in America when you have crops ready to feed yourself or family, no higher authority would come and take it away or claim parts of it as opposed to his homeland. He believed America was a great place where you were treated like a human being and where opportunity was plentiful.

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