Monday, September 24, 2012

Research Paper Sources

1) Robert Klein Engler. "Chicago's Violent Flash Mobs." American Thinker. Web. September 24, 2012. <>
                       -How flash mobs are a result of the Democratic party physically segregating the city using the Dan Ryan Expressway.

2) Editorial Board. "Chicago Still Separate, Unequal." The Columbia Chronicle. Web. September 23, 2012. <>

                         -Shows how residents were forced to live in specific parts of the city and being separated by landscaping.

3) Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor. "Mayor Richard J. Daley: His Battle for Chicago and the Nation." The Czar of Chicago. Web. September 23, 2012. <>

                        -Tells how Mayor Daley built far to many walls, such as the Dan Ryan Expressway. segregating communities and no bridges

4) Ron Grossman. "In rush, Expressways transformed the City." The Chicago Tribune. Web. September 24, 2012. <>

                        -How expressways transformed and affected the city.

5) Chicago Roads. "Dan Ryan Expressway." Chicago Roads. Web. September 24, 2012. <>

                        -Tells about the details and specs of the Dan Ryan Expressway.

6) Frommers. "Chicago (History)." Frommers. Web. October 1, 2012. <>
                       -Talks about the Great Migration and says it transformed Chicago.

7) James Grossman. "Great Migration." Encyclopedia of Chicago. Web. October 1, 2012. <>
                      -Background information on the Great Migration.

8) Robert Fanuzzi. "Segregation City: Chicago In The 60's." Scholastic. Web. October 1, 2012. <>
                     -Ways the government tried to segregate Chicago before Dan Ryan.

9) Brielle Stonaker, Arica Shephard. "Segregation." Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education. Web. October 1, 2012. <>.
                      -Why the whites and government wanted segregation.

10) Dennis McClendon. "Expressways." Encyclopedia of Chicago. Web. October 1, 2012.
                      -Talks about expressways in Chicago and notes Mayor Daley's intentions for building the Dan Ryan.

11) Wallace Best. "Black Belt." Encyclopedia of Chicago. Web. October 1, 2012. <>
                     -Tells what the black belt of Chicago is.

12) Christopher Manning. "African Americans." Encyclopedia of Chicago. Web. October 3, 2012. <>
                    -Talks about the history of African Americans in Chicago and the Black Belt.

13) John M. Hagedorn. "Violence, Gangs, and the Redivision of Space in Chicago." UIC. Web. October 7, 2012. <>
                    -In Chicago, surges of violence have accompanied three great redivisions of space.

14)  The Library of Congress. "Chicago: Destination for the Great Migration." The Library of Congress. Web. October 9, 2012. <>
                   -Talks about the Great Migration and how life was after the migration.

15) John D. Baskerville. "Heading North: African American Migration." UNI. Web. October 9, 2012. <>
                -Talks about the Great Migrationa and tells about a girl who wrote to Chicago defender.

16) James Grossman. "Chicago and the Great Migration." Illinois Periodicals Online. Book. October 11, 2012. <>
              -Tells a personal story about someone during the Great Migration.

17) Edward McClelland. "How Mayor Daley Outfoxed Martin Luther King." NBC Chicago. Web. October 11, 2012. <>
                    -Tells how Martin Luther King's attempts to eliminate segregation in Chicago failed and why they did.

18) Steve Bogira. "Best Reminder of How Chicago Got So Segregated." Chicago Reader. Web. October 11, 2012. <>
                     -Tells about a family who moved into an all white neighborhood and the after effects.

19) Roosevelt University. "A Social History of Chicago's Public Housing." Roosevelt University. Web. October 11, 2012. <>
                     - Details the selecting process for housing tenants in the early 1900's and the living conditions of African American inhabitants.

20) Dan Camponovo. "Camponovo: 'Shady' is a term more racist than you might think." The Daily Northwestern. Web. October 11, 2012. <>
                        -Discusses the negative use of the word 'Shady'.

21) Dempsey J. Travis. "Bronzeville." Encyclopedia of Chicago. Web. October 12, 2012. <>
                         -Talks about the origins of the term "Bronzeville".

22) PBS. "The Chicago Defender." PBS. Web. October 15, 2012/ <>
                         -The Chicago Defender's role in The Great Migration.

23) Adam Cohen and Elizabeth Taylor. An Excerpt from "American Pharaoh: Mayor Richard J. Daley — His Battle for Chicago and the Nation." WikiTree. Book. October 17, 2012. <>
                       -This is an excerpt from a book talking about Mayor Daley's racism and want for segregation.

24) Joe Zekas (INTERVIEWER) "Dempsey Travis, on Chatham and racial segregation in Chicago." Yo! Chicago. Video. October 17, 2012. <>
                   -Dempsey J. Travis speaks on racial segregation in Chicago and African Americans. 

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