Monday, October 1, 2012

The Crucible Response [Act 1]

The community in "The Crucible" is a very strict one. The Puritan life in Salem is very somber and boring and they allow no room for people to break free and be individuals. That overbearing, close-knit lifestyle is what I feel drove people to turn to the devil. It was a way for them to rebel, stand out and be different from the average person in Salem but that individuality often lead to their death. Its ironic to me how in order to keep their community on track and together, they have to kill people who are apart of the community. 
Parris seemed as if his concern over Betty's health was fake. He seemed more concerned with what the others would think of him and how he would be effected rather than what the others would say about Betty or whether or not she would be okay. He is a very selfish person much like the majority of the characters so far in The Crucible. They all seem to be so concerned with finding out who's a devil just so that they can protect their own name or benefit from it somehow. 


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