Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Crucible Response [Act 2]

In Act 2, Abigail really emerged as a dominant figure in the Salem community. She accuses people and then almost immediately, their being accused of witchcraft. Abigail has managed to brainwash the townspeople into thinking her accusations are right and that she is doing this to rid all of the devilry from their community but really, she's not. Abigail is just as self-centered as the other people of the town are. Just as she is, the townspeople are only concerned about themselves and they only care about clearing their own names and making themselves look good. Abigail's new found power is further destroying an already damaged community.
Mary Warren falls victim to Abigail's cunning ways and ends up turning into a different person. Mary Warren attempts to convince herself that there is actual evidence against the accused people but deep down, she knows there isn't. I feel as if the main reason Mary went along with the court's accusations is because she knows that Abigail wont like her if she questions Abigail's opinions and if Abigail doesn't like her, Mary fears she might be accused of witchcraft. This act really displays the impact of the witch trials and the madness that they have created in Salem.

Word Count: 206

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