Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Crucible Response [Entire Play]

In my opinion, one reason the Salem community was so dysfunctional was because it was made up of individuals who would sacrifice anyone and anything in order to have their name cleared or to get their way. The townspeople had ongoing battles within themselves of rather to protect their reputation or their integrity. These inner conflicts are what further intensified the Salem Witch Trials, turning them into a much bigger issue. Another reason is that their government was based on religious beliefs and so they believed that if you questioned their authority or ruling, then you were questioning God, which makes it a much bigger offense. I feel as if Abigail really took advantage of their governing system by saying she knew who was doing witchcraft and at that time, the town was still in a panic from the recent discovery of devilry and therefore, they would've believed just about anybody who said they knew of the people who were performing the devils work. Abigail’s manipulation of the system is what started most of the drama in the play.
Abigail was one of those people who only cared about her reputation. When people would be on the verge of discovering her true intentions, she would lie and scheme her way through, just so they’ll still perceive her as this good, holy young woman, which she wasn't  Overall, I feel as if Abigail was the puppet master and every other person in Salem was her puppets. She single-handedly managed to turn a once peaceful, holy community upside down.
Even though the ending was a little sad, The Crucible as a whole was a great read and it’s twists and turns kept me interested until the very end.

Word Count: 286

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